Hand Poke Tattoo

Vasso Dear was born in 1991 and lived in Athens and Thessaloniki.
At her first steps in 2009 she came in touch with piercing and body modification, also participated in many tattoo conventions. She was the show piercing artist of the Brussels tattoo convention in 2017.
In 2018 found a passion, the handpoke tattooing,(the stick and poke style).
She specializes in linework, symmetrical, geometric sacred patterns and traditional designs, minimal or big blackwork.

Her hyper rare perception of human energy and aura, motivated her to use only organic colors like veraman, teal or turquoise variation.
Stick and poke(Handpoke) tattooing is permanent and most of the times pain-free, it also heals faster than a machine tattoo.
Handpoke tattooing is very similar to meditation and the experience is unique, feel free to give a gift to your divine self..